Racial Equity Journey with Nneka Allen and Chris Conroy

Nneka Allen is the principal and founder of The Empathy Agency, which "offer(s) a better understanding of dominant cultures' impact on organizational culture because we are all responsible for the environments we create." Chris Conroy is a partner at The Wellspring Group, "a complete Human Resources and training consultancy helping healthcare providers, educational institutions, and social impact/nonprofit organizations build more inclusive, higher performing teams."

Nneka and Chris join host Steve Boland to talk about their joint work in equity in the nonprofit sector, including their curriculum, Racial Equity Journey. They talk about defining equity in work (and talk about diversity and inclusion as terms), addressing cultures of whiteness in charities, engaging people for change and much more. Acknowledging the problems aloud can be a first step, but nonprofits often don't move forward in breaking down systemic barriers which they may not even understand without assistance.

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